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Your Branding & Authority

With the fifteen-second attention span people have today, your Brand is your business. How you appear online counts. No website? Half-assed your LinkedIn profile? Posting about the next election, abortion rights, or your latest breakup on Facebook? Your prospects see these things. People research before they act.

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With the power of the internet, you can decide how you want the story to read. This is where we help you become the authority in your industry for the problems your prospects are looking to solve. Instant credibility.

The Perfect Prospect Blueprint

The biggest issue that we hear in talking with Real Estate Professionals is that they typically spend very little time figuring out who they should really be marketing themselves to. Everyone seems to have the same idea of who they want to talk to. Their mistake? They go TOO broad.

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Knowing your ideal, or “Perfect”, prospect requires research. Lots of it. This requires a highly detailed approach to understanding what your prospects do, like, eat, drink, read, listen to, follow, use, desire, fear, talk about, complain about, get excited over, and ultimately WHO they are. In ‘marketing speak’ this is your Client Avatar. Once you have this figured out, you can start to build a business.

Are You “Too Busy” to Grow?

Today’s society defaults to this one all the time. Whether it’s to grow your business, get your website done, talk to that marketing guy you know can help you, or go to a networking mixer. We’re all “too busy” for it. The excuse, “I’m too busy” is just inauthentic and lazy. We do what we want to do. Period.

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Now, if you find yourself “too busy” to grow your business… Well, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you have a job. Not a business. You need systems and you need a team. With ProspectDNA you get both.

Real Estate - A Commodity?

One of the most common things we hear from Real Estate Professionals is that their business has become commoditized. They worry that what used to be rare and highly skilled is now being offered by everyone in the industry. For some, their fear is that anyone can go out and get licensed, steal their business, and that robots are taking over.

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The fastest way to overcome this way of thinking is to take your product and repackage, rebrand, isolate your niche and then build an emotional story around it, creating an audience and following that leads to a flood of new business. This is where ProspectDNA take their clients to the next level.

Some great examples of success in commoditized markets are; Uber (Taxi Service), Social Media platforms like Snapchat (The market was already flooded with tons of social media platforms from Twitter to Facebook), LIFEWTR (Water!), Airbnb (Hospitality), and Netflix (Home Entertainment).

Consultative Sales

Most Real Estate Professionals we talk to (most people, if we’re to be fair) flinch at the mention of the word “sales”. The truth is, that’s just a very old stigma. The used car salesman stigma, which doesn’t work in this industry (let alone in the car biz, lol). You know as well as the next person, sales is the key to any successful business. That’s as true for Real Estate Professionals as it is for McDonald’s.

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What we train and encourage our clients to do is take a very comprehensive, Dr-to-Patient approach with their prospects. People all want to be heard, and there’s not a more overlooked skill in the world than the ability to actually listen to what a person is saying and then be able to respond with deeply thought-provoking questions. Doing this with your prospects allows you both to uncover what they really need and what will best serve them. Ask them what’s holding them back, why they’re not where they want to be, and what they think is missing.

If done correctly, there’s no special “close” needed. The prospect will be asking you what the next step is, or telling you that you can proceed with your proposed plan. Either way, there are no more forced, uncomfortable conversations when taking a consultative approach to sales.

Crippled By Technology?

Many people buy into the idea that technology is confusing. Sure, it can be. It’s constantly changing, and fast. A couple hundred years ago, the fastest route from Los Angeles to Las Vegas took two days, and almost two weeks to get to New York. Now, Las Vegas takes about three hours by car, and NY about five hours by air. News that used to take a week to travel across the U.S., now travels around the world in seconds.

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It’s a brave new world out there, and machines are making people more efficient than we’ve ever been. With the advances in Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning, this trend is only going to continue. Technology can now create time freedom that you never thought was possible. Ignored, or underutilized, it can be your downfall. Leveraged correctly, it can take over most of your mundane, low-level tasks, so that you can focus on the big things. The things that drive your revenue and serve your clients.
Passion leads to success

Our Solution

As technology advances every year… so do the marketing techniques to acquire new clients.

Savvy Real Estate Agents understand that utilizing the latest technology sets them apart from their competition.

Especially when you’re one of the ONLY ones leveraging it!

The reality is, most real estate professionals understand this…

But are still losing money because of ineffective or outdated marketing.

Now, I’m sure you’ve been ‘pitched’ by dozens of ‘marketing experts’…

But what do they have to promise?

That they’ll spend your ad budget, cross their fingers, and hope someone who sees your advertising will become a client?

We can identify your next client in DETAIL.

We use cutting edge technology and an omnipresent strategy to connect you to the perfect prospects. Those who are looking for your help NOW.

No more uncomfortable, forced, sales calls.

No more chasing prospects.

Prospects come to you.

These people know what you do, understand the value, and just want to see if you’re the right fit for them.

The technology we use tracks thousands of data points and real time behaviors every day on over 1.8 Billion people.

Rather than ‘spraying and praying’, we are able to use a laser-like focus to find new clients for your business who are actively looking for your services.

Our process can reach your prospects anywhere, anytime, and on any platform.

Since our system has already identified who your audience is, we are able to place the right information in front of them, at the right moment to get them reaching out to you.

At a time when technology is advancing faster than we can keep up, we’re harnessing its power to support our clients and ensure their growth.

If you would like to experience what it’s like to have the upper hand on your competition, (because you can literally generate clients at-will, and on-demand) get in touch with us today.


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